Community Services

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On 12 November 2016, studesnts of the Post-Harvest Technology Undergraduate Program held a community service activity in the Al – Furqan Orphanage, Desa Jambudipa Kec. Cisarua Kab. West Bandung. This activity was called PAGI (Postharvest Berbagi) and was the first of activities organized by the Post Harvest Technology Study Program’s students . The orphanage was a former cow pen, then the society took the initiative to build an orphanage building and helped orphans, orphans, children, and poor people.


Students raised donations of money, food, and goods that can still be used. The activities carried out included holding games, gymnastics, are expected to motivate to orphanages so that they would keep trying and not be discouraged to achieve their dreams. This Community Service activity was carried out as an actual contribution of students to help the Indonesian community at least in the surrounding community. In the future, Post Harvest Technology students hope to positively contribute more in addressing national issues through science and post-harvest field technology works, for a better Indonesia.