Graduate Profile

The curriculum, learning outcomes and graduate profiles of the SITH-ITB Post Harvest Technology Undergraduate Program are determined with regards to input fromvariousstakeholders, such as: bioindustry practitioners, prospective graduates including SITH-ITB Advisory Board.

This study program is expected to produce professional post-harvest engineers who are able to face the latest challenges in the bio-industrial post-harvest field. The graduates produced are expected to be able to contribute in addressing national issues related: post-harvest loss problems; quality & shelf life of bioproducts; addition of bioproduct value; locally based bioindustry development; mastery of information technology in the distribution system and bioproduct market network. In particular, graduates are expected to positively contribute to creating tropical integrated farming in Indonesia.

the graduates are expected to apply their knowledge and skills related to various field such as,  in either Government or private institutions, entrepreneurship; in fields related to research and education and various types of agro-silvo-fishery bioindustry. This undergraduate program also provides graduates with advanced study which enable them to pursue further education and other self-development training.